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The different Hindi dialects are spoken by less than half of the population of India. Hindi is the official language of India and a form of it called “Standard” Hindi is used, along with English, as the language of government. There are 13 different dialects of Hindi, which may or may not be easily understood by native speakers. 

There are also 22 other scheduled languages which are officially recognized by the government as languages for official use within different states.

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Greeting Others
There are two formal greetings used as welcome in India. While they are traditional Hindu greetings, they are accepted by people in communities all over India. “Namaskar” [nah-mas-kar] and “Namaste” [nah-mas-tay] are both used as greetings. Both greetings formally recognize that as individuals we are only a small part of a larger and more important reality or “Askar.”

The traditional way of greeting is by holding your palms together, as in praying, and saying either 'Namaste'  or 'Namaskar', with a slight bow. Shaking hands is also acceptable in urban communities that are more westernized, but not allowed with women. Even “Hi” or “Hello”  is used as an informal greeting among friends.

Among Muslims, the traditional greeting is 'Salaam-Wale-Kum', which is responded to by saying 'Wale-kum-Salaam.' Sikhs traditionally greet each other by saying 'Sat-Siree-Akaal.'
Other Customs

Allow women and guests to go in front when walking into or out of a room. This is taken as a sign of respect.

Pointing a finger at someone or standing with hands in your pockets is also considered rude. Using hand gestures in conversation is a sign of interest and friendliness. 

Age and authority are respected in India under all circumstances. Respect is to be shown for the elderly and people in authority at all times.

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The Hindi language is spoken by almost half (41%) of the people of India. However there are 13 different dialects of Hindi. The red area below shows where in India, Hindi is the primary language of the people.


The gesture of greeting called Namaste is used throughout India as a sign of respect.