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Indian cooking has become well known all around the world. The cooking that people in other countries call "Indian" cooking is really a mixture of many different cooking styles from all over the country of India.

 Food of North East India
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Common Ingredients
There are two ingredients which have come to be identified with Indian cooking: curries and beans. While both are important in many Indian dishes, these can be prepared quite differently in various regions of India. 

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Other important ingredients of Indian cuisine are rice, atta or whole wheat flour and several different kinds of pulses (similar to beans or peas): chana, toor, urad and mung. 

Another characteristic of Indian food is how special mixtures of many spices are used to flavour food. For example, in southern states of India, curries have a stronger flavour than in the north, so foods prepared in the southern parts are usually more spicy than a similar dish from the north.

Curries are sauce dishes that are served with a grain like rice, wheat, millet or corn. The curry sauce usually has a strong flavour with lots of spices and oils, but not necessarily with curry leaves. Curry sauces can also be served with yoghurt, pickles and chutneys.
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In their homes, Indian people typically eat meals sitting cross-legged on a floor mat. For Hindu people, the right hand alone can used for eating. A fresh banana leaf or stainless steel plates called thali. While everyone in the house eats, women will serve the meal, then wait until everyone is done before eating themselves.

Lassi is the most popular drink in India. It can be made sweet by many different fruits or salty with a combination of spices, lemon and salt.
Dosai is a flat pancake like bread made from rice and urad bean (black lentil) flour that is blended with water and left overnight. A similar batter can be used to make idlis.