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In its long history, India has a tradition of keeping its people healthy and feeling well through medicine, through yoga and meditation, and through the use of special herbs. This practice is called Ayurveda. 
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Doctors in India see preventing diseases and injury as the best way to keep people healthy. For example, using vaccines to stop disease was known in India long before it was used in other countries. By studying natural ways that have been used over many hundreds of years for treating people, doctors in India do not use as many drugs as doctors in North America or Europe to help people. 

When Britain took control of India, the traditional ways of treating people were stopped by the British.  Since that time, overpopulation, unclean living conditions, lack of proper food and  medical care became a way of life for many people of India. 
After becoming independent from Britain, the government of India has been working to make conditions better for the people. In 1950, the average person in India lived only to be about 32 years old. Today, the average person lives to the age of 63 years. The health of the people has improved because of government programs like making vaccinations available, treating drinking water and controlling pests like mosquitoes. Not as many people die from diseases such as small pox, tuberculosis, cholera and malaria. 

Today hospitals and clinics throughout India train doctors in both Western and traditional ways of treating health problems.
The better health of the people has made the population increase to more than one billion people. 
Like many countries, health care in rural areas of India can be difficult for people to find, especially for those without much money.  India's government does not provide free health care for its people, so often only those who can afford health insurance receive good health care and treatment from modern doctors and hospitals.

India has less doctors for the number of its people than any of the other four countries.
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Over 2600 years ago, the first complicated surgeries were performed by Sushruta in India. Sushrata attached artificial limbs, repaired fractures, and even did brain surgery on his patients. Sushruta is thought to be the father of surgery.