The History of India
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For a very long time India was not one country, but many states and empires, each one with different customs and traditions. Many of these parts of India have had communities with people living in them for thousands of years.

About India's Past
Timeline of India
India was the place where some of the first communities on the earth started. Some of these communities were the birthplace of writing using letter symbols, some of the first to use bricks to build houses and some that had organized garbage collection more than 4,000 years ago. These communities even traded goods with other people as far away as Egypt, Rome and in other parts of southern Asia.
 Daily Life in Ancient India

Muslim people arrived in India from lands to the west about one thousand years ago. Muslim emperors changed the northern and middle areas of India by adding new ideas to building, art, culture and the languages spoken by the people.
About the Muslim Invasions of India

People from Europe came to India about 500 years ago. The Portuguese and British changed India the most. Britain ruled India for over 300 years. During that time, the laws, government, education, transportation and ways of life in India became more like those of Great Britain. The British government made lots of money from taxing the people and goods made in India.
About one hundred years ago, millions of India's people began to protest British rule. A man named Mahatma Gandhi became the leader of the people. By the 1940s so many people were against the British rulers that Britain granted freedom to India on August 14, 1947. Britain split the old country of India into two new countries: Pakistan (mostly Muslim) and India (mostly Hindu). 
 About India's Independence

From the time India became independent, it has increased food production and has developed many industries.  

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Mohandas Gandhi is thought to be the Father of modern India. He led many protests against the British rulers in India. He lived a very simple lifestyle to show he supported the poorest people in the country. 
He has been given the title "Mahatma" by the people of India, this title means "great soul."