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The large size and different environmental conditions in the country of India means there are an enormous number of shapes, sizes and styles of homes here.

The “bungalow” or one story house that is found all over Canada actually came from a style of house in the state of Bengal, India.
There, single-family homes were called bangla or
bangala. When British colonists came to India they used the style of these one-story thatch-roofed huts as summer homes. They also were inspired to use the floor plan of bangala houses to plan their rural cottages back in England. From there, the bungalow style was brought to North America by English settlers. An important feature of bangala houses is that the kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and bathroom surround the central living room.

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Basket weavers in India may use their skills and materials to make homes to live in.


Another basket weaver, another kind of house. The art form  of Rangoli decorates the front of the home.