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India is a large country with many different kinds of crops. The warm climate, rainfall and rich soil allow fruits and vegetables, wheat, tea, cotton, rice, peanuts and coconuts to be grown here.

The flat plains in the northern part of the country get lots of rain from the monsoons. Rice and tea are crops that are grown there because water is plentiful.

Farmers who become landless or unable to survive by farming have moved to the large cities to work in factories.

Natural Resources
India is rich in many natural resources. Minerals such as iron ore, copper, zinc, gold, silver, diamonds and precious gems are found in many areas of India. Coal is mined here, too. 
Wood and rubber are plentiful.

Along the coast, many people work at fishing, with much of the catch being frozen and exported to other countries. Mackerel, sardines, tuna, lobster and sharks are the most important types of fish caught.

Factories in the large cities make everything from computers, cars and tractors to ships, electronic equipment, plastic goods and railway cars.

A very important industry in India’s past is the making and dyeing of cloth. Much of the world’s cotton is grown here and made into fabric and clothing in factories all over India. Many village homes spin and weave fibres into cloth and carpets that are sold in cities or exported to other countries. 

 On the Economy of India

Exports and Imports
India imports and exports goods around the world. The United States, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Germany and China buy goods and resources from India. However, India buys goods from many countries including the United States, Belgium, China, Singapore and Great Britain.

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