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The people of India have two activities they love: the sport of cricket and watching movies.  

Cricket is a slow game with some similarities to baseball, but played over a long period of time - even many days. The game fits well with the warm climate and easy pace of life. Teams and leagues are set up all over India to compete with each other. The best players from these teams are picked to play on the national team. 

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Other Sports
Other popular sports are football (soccer), horse racing, polo and field hockey.

India makes more movies than any other country in the world. More tickets to movies are bought here than anywhere else in the world. Watching movies is a favourite activity of people in India. Most of the country's films are produced in or around the city of Mumbai. Today, television has become as popular as films. Like families in many parts of the world, Indian families often spend the evening  together watching the TV shows.
Children living here prefer active games, especially those that do not need a great deal of equipment. Throwing and batting games are popular. String tops, marbles, cards and kites are liked by young boys, whereas girls prefer games like jacks and crafts. 
Kho kho and khabaddi are two kinds of tag games which are played with teams on a large playing field. These tag games are organized in many communities across India. Teams can compete for state and national championships.