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With so many people living in the country, moving them and their goods from place to place is a huge challenge. All kinds of vehicles from bicycles and scooters to rickshaws, cars, buses and trucks all battle for space on the crowded roads. Cows and bullock carts can be found on the streets, too, along with the odd elephant or camel in some cities.

Walking on foot is often the only choice for most people who need to travel short distances. For destinations further away, trains are the most popular way since they are inexpensive and join most of the rural communities with nearby cities. Where trains do not travel, buses are often an option. Buses tend to be packed full and it is not uncommon to find passengers sitting on top of or hanging from the back of a speeding bus.

Roads are not well maintained so trips are rough and with the great amount of traffic on the roads, often dangerous, as well.

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This way of riding on a bus is quite common in many areas of India.

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Autorickshaws are the most important means of travel in many of the large cities of India.