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In the past, Hindu people believed that every job from cleaning streets to ruling the country should be done by different groups of people called "castes." The people of India believed that when you were born you belonged to that group or caste your family belonged to and you had to do the job of your caste for life.  

Today it is different because more people have moved into  large cities and are learning how to do many different jobs. Most people in India believe that education is the best way to prepare yourself to do any kind of work. 

Work and the Economy

Eye On India - Work

Most people in India still work on the land. They are farmers or their work depends on growing or raising food.
Since India became independent from Britain, many better kinds of crops such as wheat and rice can be grown on the land to produce more food. With fertilizers and irrigation India has become a great producer of rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, fruit and vegetables, cattle, milk, poultry and fish. 
Tea in North East India
The population of India is over one billion and is still growing.  With so many people, it is difficult to grow enough food for everyone. About one-third of the people do not have enough food to eat each day. Farmers often cannot afford to buy new seeds or fertilizers and many are forced to give up farming. These people are moving into cities to look for other kinds of work. With poor families, children also have to work by doing small jobs on city streets or in factories to make money to help their families.
India is one of the world's leading countries for producing many goods. Many factories and businesses are owned by the government. Goods like computer software, textiles, jewellery, chemicals, steel, machinery and leather are made in India. The forests of India are an important source of wood for fuel and charcoal. 
Many of the people of India are well-trained at different kinds of jobs. Companies from many other countries have built factories and offices in India, where the cost to make goods is lower than in other places around the world.
Many people also set up their own businesses. These may be  small like a shoeshine stand or craft business or as big as a large factory. 
Women have been more involved in professional jobs in the cities, but also with co-operative businesses in rural areas owned and run by women. 
The Life of a Woman in India

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