The Arts of Peru
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Two types of music are played and enjoyed in Peru. On the coast and in large cities a very lively music is played which has developed from three sources. Spanish, Gypsy and African rhythms have been worked into a music style called “criollo.” 

In the Andes the music is slower and more sombre or sad sounding. 

This style of music has been passed down for many hundreds of years and is similar to the traditional Inca music. It is still played with many of the traditional instruments used by the Inca people.

 Marka Music
 The Peruvian Ensemble
Art Through Crafts

Peru has a large variety of arts and crafts, much of which is being exported to other countries all over the world. 

The bright color, popularity and usefulness of Peru's folk arts makes these a way of life for many families and entire communities, especially in the Andes Mountains

Works of art include weavings, carved gourds called mates burilados, colorful retablo boxed scenes, finely carved Huamanga stone sculptures and many forms of pottery. 

The people of Peru have used art to communicate and hold onto the important cultural and spiritual traditions that give the people their identity. 

Other Native Arts
The people living in the Amazon or other isolated areas of Peru have developed everyday objects such as handbags, dolls, blowguns and celebration masks into works of art that are prized throughout the world. 

Native Bora Arts
 Yagua Arts
 Uros Arts
 Quechua Arts
The ten stringed charango is a kind of lute that looks like a small guitar. The body is often made from the shell of an armadillo.

The wancara is a kind of drum common in many parts of South America. It is made of willow with a stretch goat skin.


The Uros people from southern Peru are known for their beautiful and intricate weaving, spinning and embroidery.
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The quena is a kind of flute often made from animal bone.

The antara is made from bamboo shoots of different sizes that are tied together.