Clothing and Fashion in Peru
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The young people of Peru, especially in the cities, usually wear modern clothing, but many of the older Native people still wear traditional handmade clothing.

The climate in different parts of the country also determines what kind of clothing people wear. In the mountains people must wear warmer clothing than people in the Selva or rainforest region.

Traditional Clothing
Many of the Quechua people who live in the mountains of Peru continue to wear traditional clothing. The colder climate there means layers of hand-woven clothing are worn.
Women and girls usually wear one or more skirts or “polleras” that are decorated with brightly coloured embroidery. A top and sweater along with a shawl called a “lliclla” are common. Spinning tools or snacks such as corn or cocoa are carried in a small pouch or unkuña worn at the waist. Hats, called monteras, a symbols of the village from which the women come. Every community has a unique hat, often tied with a woven sanq'apa strap.

Men in the Quechua communities dress in a shirt and trousers. A brightly coloured sash is worn around the waist. “Panchos” or “serapes” are used like coats to stay warm on colder days. 
Men also wear distinctive hats or “chullos” which are knitted with ear flaps for protection from the cold.

 Traditional Quechua Clothing
Amazon Region
People along the Amazon wear a mix of materials found in the rainforest. Items like grasses, feathers, fibres or animal skins are used to make skirts, vests or pants. Communities that are near larger cities have taken to dressing in western style jeans and shirts.

Spanish Influence
Among the people living in the larger cities, a more traditional Spanish way of dressing is common, especially during fiestas.  Long dresses, lace, decorative combs and colourful shawls are often seen.

Men sometimes copy the Spanish cowboy or “caballero” look. A suit with a short velvet jacket or “bolero” is worn over a white shirt. Pants are tight knee-length breeches. Black leather boots and a black felt hat complete the look.

Modern Styles
Many people, especially those in larger cities have been influenced by clothing fashions from North America and Europe. Clothing choices in many parts of Peru today often resemble those in large cities in the United States, Canada or Europe.
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