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The Spanish language was brought to Peru about 500 years ago when the conquistadores took control of the land. Today most people of Peru speak Spanish. It is the language used by the government and in businesses. Students in schools learn Spanish. 

The Spanish language, like English uses the Latin alphabet, but there are three additional letters that are not found in English: ch, ll and fi. These letters have special sounds that appear in many Spanish words.
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About one of every four people in Peru speak Quechua. This was the native language of the Inca people. It is still spoken and used among native people, mostly those living in the Andes Mountains where the Inca people lived.  Many Quechua speakers are also familiar with Spanish. 

In Peru, the Quechua language has changed the version of the Spanish language spoken in Peru. It has changed from the original Spanish brought to Peru from Spain. The names of plants, animals, foods and clothing often have Quechua origins. 
A Few Words on Quechua
 Quechua Language

Below are some common words found in English, Quechua and Spanish. 
Compare how each word is written in the three languages.

 Basic Quechua Lessons


Aymara is another important language of Peru. It is spoken by the Uros people who are found in the southern Andes and near Lake Titicaca.

Greeting Others
When meeting others adults will often shake hands. If the other person is a friend or well known, men will exchange "un abrazo," which means "a hug." Good friends or relatives will hug and kiss each other on the cheek, especially if the two people have not seen each other for a while.
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