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Homes are prized by all families and well-cared for. In wealthier areas, patios and yards are protected by glass walls and by security devices to keep out thieves.

The kind of family homes depend on the location of the community and the wealth of the family. In larger cities, modern homes and building materials such as concrete, wood, steel and glass are available to families who can afford to build or buy. Families in rural areas live in more traditional homes made from available materials. In the Andes, most homes are of stone. In the Selva, wood or reeds have been used as building materials for hundreds of years.

A farm outside of Pukara in southern Peru.

Around Lake Titicaca in the south, the abundance of totora reeds in the lake have allowed the Uros people to build over 40 floating island communities from the reeds.

The Uros People of Lake Titicaca

This is a typical family home along a river in the Selva of Northeastern Peru.

People living in poverty in the larger cities often barely survive with little money living in houses made of scrap materials.

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