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Peru is found on the west coast of South America stretching along the Pacific Ocean which lies to the west. The northern tip of Peru reaches north to the equator.

Most of the country is warm and tropical. There are three important regions or areas.

The coastal region is called La Costa and is the part of Peru nearest the Pacific Ocean along the coast. It is mostly a flat plain becoming more hilly to the east near the mountains.

The second region, La Sierra, is the place where the high Andes Mountains are found. This region is east of the coastal plain but follows it from north to south the whole length of Peru.

The tropical rainforest, La Selva, in the northeast part of Peru belongs to the Amazon River basin also called the Amazon Rainforest. The eastern side of the Andes, La Montaña is also considered a rainforest region.


Even though Peru is completely in the area known as the tropics, a cold ocean current, called the Humboldt Current, brings a cold air and ocean water up from the South Pole. This current makes the coast of Peru colder than most tropical places.

La Costa
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Almost 3 out every 4 people in Peru live in cities. Most of the cities are found along the coast.

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Peru’s geography and culture.

Where People Live in Peru by Region

Population in Millions of People

More than one-half of all the people of Peru live on the coast (La Costa). One-third live in the highlands (La Sierra) and the rest live in the rainforest  (La Selva.)