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The folktales and poetry of the Incas were passed on by word of mouth. Written language was not used before the Spanish came to Peru. Some of the works from the Andes Mountains area has been recorded and preserved by individuals who were committed to doing so over the past two hundred years. 

There were two important forms of poetry. Harawis presented the feelings and ideas of the people and hayllis that told stories of the gods and heroes of the past through poetry. A poet known as the harawec would present both kinds to the community.

Folktales were also told by word of mouth. These tried to explain how the world came about and provide lessons for living through creation and destruction myths. One example of such a story is the Jaguar, Master of Fire. Many of these stories have been preserved by individuals such as Inca Garcilaso, who tried to record Quechua poetry in writing, and Guamán Poma de Ayala, who did the same with myths and folktales.

Other important Peruvian writers told about how life changed with the arrival of the Spanish.

Today, important forms of Peruvian literature includes children’s stories, realistic plays portraying modern life and poetry. The story, Chickens, with Shoes and Earrings tells about a child’s life in a Quechua community.

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