Recreation in  Peru
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Music and Dancing
Lively music and a kind of dancing called salsa are enjoyed everywhere in Peru. Anytime people get together to visit or socialize, music or dance is often involved.  
 Quechua Dances
Traditional Andean music is played on flutes, panpipes, drums, rattles and a small wire-stringed harp. Mestizo music, influenced by Spanish tradition also uses the same instruments but adds guitars, fiddles and horns.
Bands that play Mestizo music play in front of large crowds in cafes and dance halls all over Peru. 
Radio stations play Native traditional music along with the latest hit music we might listen to in North America.

Fiestas are important traditional celebrations in many parts of Peru. These celebrate mostly religious events and are held regularly in many communities. Families and friends enjoy each other's company late into the night feasting on good food and drink. 
 Fiestas in Peru

Wealthy people might visit a favourite restaurant or movie theatre for an evening of fun.