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A very large number of Peruvians (9 out of 10) are Roman Catholic, a Christian religion brought by the Spanish explorers and rulers to Peru about 500 years ago. Since that time, Roman Catholicism has become the religion supported by the government.  Government sponsored ceremonies are often held in an important church or cathedral.  

 Churches and Cathedrals of Peru

Every city and town has a church or cathedral, as well as its own patron saints and religious days. The ceremonial functions of the state are integrated with religious rites. For example, before the presidential inauguration, when the president takes office, a High Mass is celebrated in the cathedral at the Plaza Mayor [also called the Plaza de Armas] in Lima. Religion and state ceremonies go together. Roman Catholicism, as the state religion, is a powerful force in state affairs and in daily activities.

 Churches of Peru
Communities that have kept a strong Inca or other Native tradition have accepted some Roman Catholic beliefs and combined these with traditional Inca practices.
Most of the native people believed in many gods. The most important of these were Viracocha [also called Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqutra], who was the Creator and Pacha Mama who was the Earth Mother. Some Native groups worshipped the Sun and or other aspects of nature such as the Andes mountains.

In the sierra region, Native celebrations often involve seasonal changes or important human events such as harvest of food. Some religious ceremonies try to change nature. For example, bringing about rain in dry times. Native people thought sacrificing an animal like a llama or burying something important, would bring the favour of the Earth Mother, Pacha Mama
 Mythology of Peru
 Amazon Myths

Two wisdom keepers perform a Despatio ceremony for

balancing the Earth Mother (Pacha Mama.)
The Spanish brought Roman Catholicism to Peru. In many areas,  Native beliefs have combined to form a mixture of Roman Catholic and Native spirituality.
Many people in Peru practice a mixture of Catholicism and traditional Inca beliefs.

The Cathedral in the main square at Cuzco.

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