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Some parts of the plain along the Pacific Ocean are fertile and good for growing crops such as sugar cane, coffee, cotton, rice, corn, grapes, wheat and vegetables. This coastal plain is very dry, so farmers here depend on the rivers flowing down from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean to irrigate their crops. 

Farming also happens in the valleys of the Andes Mountains where the Incas built terraces to keep the  rainwater from washing away their crops.


Along the coast many people fish for a living. The small anchovetas are made into fishmeal to feed livestock. 

Natural Resources
Many minerals are mined in Peru. These include copper, iron, lead, zinc, gold and silver.
Oil deposits have been found and are being developed. 
Factories to turn resources into useful goods are beginning to be built in the larger cities where many workers without jobs can be found.

 Energy Information on Peru
Transportation Information
 On the Economy of Peru

Exports and Imports
Peru trades goods with many other countries in the world. It sells goods to the United States, Great Britain, China, Switzerland and Japan.
Most of the goods it imports come from South American countries like Chile, Brazil and Colombia, but also from the United States and Spain.
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There are over 600 of these fishing boats called purse seiners that are used to catch the small anchovetas used for fishmeal.