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The two most popular sports in Peru are soccer and volleyball. Soccer is the national sport and played by children in the streets and adults in the parks. It is popular as a spectator sport for children and adults all over Peru. The national soccer team of Peru is one of the best in South America.

To show their love of sport and support for their national teams, fans will often paint their faces in the red and white colours of the national flag. Peru played in the FIFA World Cup in 1970, 1978 and 1982. Powerful teams from Brazil and Argentina make it difficult for other countries in South America to qualify for the World Cup.

Soccer in Peru

Bullfighting is another important sport in Peru. The Plaza de Acho, in Lima, is the oldest bullring in the Americas. Up to 14,000 people watch bullfighting events on Sundays or holidays during October and November. The bullfighter or “torero” swirls a cape around to make the bull charge. The torero quickly moves out of the way to avoid the bull’s horns.

Other Sports
Other popular sports, especially in the large cities are horse racing, tennis, basketball, golf and cockfighting. 

The beaches around Lima are great places for swimming, sailing, surfing and yachting.  In the Andes, hiking and mountain biking are popular for tourists.
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